Here at BedHut, we offer a range of materials when choosing the design for your new bespoke bed. But what are these materials? And which one is right for you? we wrote this handy guide to help you decide on the fabric for your dream bed!

Plush Velvet

Plush Velvet Fabric | BedHut

Plush velvet is a rich fabric that provides a smooth, luxurious feel to your bed - without compromising on durability! Passing the rub test with a score of over 100,000, this material is deemed extremely durable for residential upholstery in the UK.

The rich colour of this fabric combines with its soft feel to create a luxurious bedroom centrepiece that blends with both traditional and contemporary décor styles. Plush velvet is also an easy to clean fabric specially designed to repel liquids, so you can maintain that pristine look without maintenance.

We offer a wide range of colours in this material to ensure you find the bed that fits your dream bedroom!

Crushed Velvet

Crushed Velvet Fabric | BedHut

Crushed velvet dates back to the ancient Egyptian times, where it was made from pure velvet cloth, which made it very expensive and difficult to acquire. Nowadays, it is made from synthetic materials such as silk and nylon, which gives it the same signature look, without the premium prices!

The "crushed" effect of this fabric is achieved by twisting the cloth whilst it is still wet, and mechanically pressing it during manufacture. The result is a shiny and sparkling appearance with a rich textured feel that adds a unique luxury to any bedroom.

We recommend this material for those who want a bed that stands out as the centrepiece of your room, and for lovers of all things sparkly!


Coniston Fabric | BedHut

Coniston Fabric is a rich chenille with a delicate texture and a stain resistant finish that is second to none. We have a large range of neutral tones such as armour, charcoal and emerald. This collection allows a Coniston bed to blend into any number of décor styles, from traditional to contemporary.

The resilient Coniston fabric tackles household stains with ease. It has a long lifespan and requires little care. Coniston Fabric is resistant to a variety of substances, including ink, coffee, red wine, ketchup, mud, and more, while also being child and pet friendly.

We recommend this fabric for family households, pet-friendly homes, and for those times you just want to curl up in bed with a greasy takeaway!

November 11, 2021 — Andrew Dante