The Research
Did you know that you spend an average of 26 years of your life sleeping? Don't worry, there's no need to cut off sleep time. Still, spending those 26 years in a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing bed means no time wasted. When you wake up well rested surrounded by a beautiful space, you can get up and conquer the day.
Why Choose BedHut?
When you shop with BedHut, you know you're supporting an independent family business run right out of Lancashire. When shopping with large, faceless online businesses, you miss out on a connection to something real. At BedHut, we are here to add that personal touch to your shopping experience.
Nationwide Delivery
Since we are right at the centre of the British isles, we are uniquely situated to delivery your bedroom furniture to you speedily and affordably.
1 Year Warranty
When you trust your supplier and your product, you can give that feeling of trust back to your customer. That's why we offer a 1 year, no quibbles warranty on your purchases. That's the BedHut difference.
Sometimes style needs to come with a little more flexibility. We are proud to partner with Klarna. Klarna makes online shopping simple. Buy what you need today and pay later. Effortless and safe.
Divan Beds
These are not your grandmother's divan beds. Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? A divan bed may be a stylish storage solution with spare linens safely tucked away under the bed drawers. Let out your inner Marie Kondo and let your bedroom furniture spark joy.
Plush Upholstered Beds
Opulent headboards, smooth velvets, and jewel colours are perfect for lazy Sundays in bed. Sip your coffee, read a thrilling novel, and ignore the sounds of the children helping themselves to breakfast.
Bed Frames
Are you the more simple, classic type? Skip right past the ottomans, plush velvet and chesterfields—platform beds like this one are for you. Low to the ground, stable and minimalistic.
Other Bedroom Furniture
At BedHut, beds are the name of the game, but that doesn't mean we don't have chests of drawers and sofas to make your house a home.
Is there something that has caught your eye? Do you need a stock update? Unsure if we can deliver the Divan of your dreams through your Victorian-width door? Get in touch today and have a zero commitment chat about your bedroom furniture needs.
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