Are you tired of your kids' room looking like a bomb-site? Of having to wade through an ocean of clothes, toys and books whenever you step in? We here at BedHut understand your pain, and we're here to help! With this range of handy kids beds and bedroom storage ideas, your kids' bedroom will be clutter-free in no time!

Tidy Kids Room

Bunk Beds

The original kids bedroom space saver! A bunk bed is the perfect choice for 2 or more children sharing a room while still saving room space for all their toys. With two or three bunks stacked on top of one another, you can save room for your kids to play, store and study.

For a simple, practical solution, check out our Barcelona Kids Bunk Bed. This sleek, solid wooden bunk bed is the perfect choice for two young kids, with room for storage underneath for toys. This save space in their room for toys and even other furniture.

Barcelona Kids Bunk Bed - Stone White

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Bunk Beds with Storage

Combine the practicality of a bunk bed with the storage of a wardrobe and what do you get? A bargain! Here at BedHut, our range of storage bunk beds is designed to maximise the use of your space, big or small. These options are a long-term option, as your kids get older they will begin to need more of their own space, and private storage in their own bed is the perfect way to accommodate this, even if they are in a small bedroom.

Check out the Orion Storage Bunk Bed, with separate storage solutions for each bunk, to preserve your kids privacy and independence, combined with shared underbed storage for toys and games they can play together!

Orion White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed Frame 3ft Single | BedHut

Desk Beds

Desk beds are a great choice for creative, artsy kids as it gives them ample room to draw, colour and paint, without needing to buy a desk that's expensive or may not fit a small room. As they get older, the desk bed can also help with their studies. Along with this practical feature, our desk beds also come with ample storage, so your child can express themselves and their independence, no matter the size of their room.

Our Saturn Midsleeper is a practical and compact design as the desk can be stored away when not in use, saving floor space. The bed also comes with an array of other storage options, with drawers and shelves for all your kids toys and decorations.

Saturn Midsleeper - Taupe | BedHut

High Sleepers

High sleeper beds are single bunk beds elevated from the ground with an range of storage and desk options below. These beds are perfect for older kids and teenagers as they provide all the utilities your child needs to call their space their own. From drawers and shelves to wardrobes and desks, our high sleepers have everything you need to save floor space.

Check out our Pegasus High Sleeper, a stylish and practical storage solution. Featuring a full pull out wardrobe, a desk, and storage drawers on every step, the Pegasus is the ultimate option for your child's bedroom.

Pegasus High Sleeper - White | BedHut

Ottoman Storage Beds

Another option worth considering is an ottoman storage bed. These beds feature a lift-up mattress with loads of underbed storage beneath, perfect for older kids and teens who don't want a bunk bed.

Our Francis Ottoman Storage Bed is an excellent example, a single bed with ample underbed storage, which can be assembled to open from the left or the right, so you can place it against a wall with no worries about accessibility. This stylish and practical storage solution is perfect for both kids rooms and guest bedrooms.

Francis Ottoman Storage Bed | BedHut

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Now you're neat and tidy!

We hope that this article has been helpful to you with your storage woes. For more help, check out our bunk bed buyers guide and our ottoman storage bed guide, so you can make the most out of your space!

September 14, 2022 — Mark Howorth