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If you're looking for a bed that offers both style and storage, an ottoman storage bed might be the perfect option for you. Ottoman beds are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, as they offer a stylish and practical solution for all kinds of bedroom. But with so many designs, sizes and colours available, how do you pick the right one for you?

We've put together the ultimate guide to buying your ottoman storage bed, so you can focus on the comfort, not the hassle!

In this article, we will discuss:

  • What is an ottoman bed?
  • Benefits of ottoman storage
  • Choosing the perfect ottoman bed for you

What is an Ottoman Bed?

The modern ottoman bed has a rich history. The term "Ottoman" comes from its origin in the Ottoman empire in the 13th century, where the style and storage feature became massively popular in what is now known as Turkey. From there, the style spread all across the Mediterranean, and has now become a household name as the go-to storage bed frame.

Nowadays, an ottoman bed is a bed with a mattress that lifts up to reveal the underbed storage beneath. Most modern ottomans come with a gas-lift mechanism to allow for easier access, no matter how heavy the mattress on top.

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Benefits of Ottoman Storage

Ottoman beds offer a number of benefits over traditional bed frames. Firstly, they're incredibly stylish and will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. They're also very practical, as the ottoman storage feature means you can declutter your bedroom and keep all your belongings hidden away neatly out of sight.

Ottoman beds are perfect for storing sheets, linen, and general bedroom items that would otherwise clutter up your space. Seasonal or occasional items such as winter clothing and Christmas decorations can also be stored and forgotten until needed. The ottoman beds easy-to-use lift-up mattress makes storing and accessing your belongings quick and easy - and suitable for all ages.

Thanks to the gas-lift storage mechanism, ottoman beds are suitable for small rooms as well as large. The mattress opens upwards to allow access to the underbed storage, meaning no space is needed on either side of the bed to use its full functionality. Ideal for cramped corners and awkward layouts!

One such bed is the Livorno Line Bed (shown below), a stylish and practical ottoman bed with expansive underbed storage and an impressive headboard, making it a striking centrepiece to any bedroom!

Livorno Line Bed | BedHut


Choosing Your Ottoman Bed

Now you know the basics, it's time to choose your very own ottoman bed! Follow our step-by-step guide below to browse the different sizes, materials, and designs to find the right one for you.

Pick a Size

Most ottoman beds come in three main sizes:

  • Double: 4"6 ( W 135cm x L 190cm)
  • King: 5" (W 150cm x L 200cm)
  • Super King: 6" (W 180cm x L 200cm)

Check out our guide to finding the right bed size for you to find out more.

Note: The larger the bed size, the more underbed storage there will be, as the storage space fills the entire bed frame.

If you are looking for an ottoman bed in a single (3FT) size, you won't go disappointed! Check out our Francis Ottoman Storage Bed (shown below) for a handy space saving solution. If you're looking to fill a guest bedroom or kids room with a little more storage, the Francis is the perfect choice for you. It even opens sideways, so it can be neatly tucked into a corner and still provide extra storage space.

Francis Ottoman Storage Bed | BedHut


Find Your Style

Now that you've got your size locked down, it's time for the fun part! Picking a style can be difficult when faced with all the options at once, so take your time to scroll through this selection and make your decision in peace.

Wooden Ottoman Beds

Always a classic, a wooden bed frame provides a durable, stylish design which can suit both contemporary and traditional décor. A wooden ottoman bed can provide a rustic design with spacious storage, providing a solid base for a wide range of themes.

The Malmo Oak Ottoman Bed (shown below) is the perfect example of sleek wooden design providing a spacious and stylish storage solution. With a gas lift ottoman mechanism, this storage bed features an easy to lift mattress, suitable for all adult ages.

Malmo Ottoman Storage Bed - Oak | BedHut


Upholstered Ottoman Beds

If you're looking for a little more luxury, an upholstered ottoman bed is the perfect choice. These ottomans are usually buttoned or stitched with deep filled padding on the headboard and footboard, providing a soft and comfortable design. The exterior is covered in soft fabrics to ensure a silky soft touch across the whole bed.

For a soft, luxurious ottoman, look no further than the Genoa Wingback Bed (shown below). The grand design of this bed creates a striking centrepiece, and the spacious underbed storage means no more clutter around the bed.

Genoa Wingback Bed | BedHut


Or for a more contemporary look, why not try our Rialto Lift-Up Storage Bed (shown below). With a more minimal, streamlined frame and headboard, this ottoman storage bed provides comfort, style and practicality for an affordable price.

Rialto Lift-Up Storage Bed | BedHut


Additional Considerations

When buying an ottoman bed, there are a few other factors to take into consideration.

Measure your bedroom and make sure you have enough room to manoeuvre around the bed and open the storage. Check out our handy bed size guide to make sure you've got room.

Make sure you don't overload your ottoman. All of our ottoman storage beds are built to hold a heady load such as shoes, toys, clothes and some equipment. Most ottoman beds are built to hold at least 100kg of items, with some ranging up to 170kg, so it's unlikely you'll ever exceed that.

Ottoman storage beds support any mattress of the same size, and the gas-lift mechanism on all of our ottomans ensures an easy-lift, no matter the mattress weight. Check out our mattress guide for more information on buying a new mattress for your bed.

All Wrapped Up!

Now you're ready to find your perfect ottoman storage bed! Make sure to check out our range of bespoke ottoman beds, and browse our comfy and supporting mattresses for the perfect combination of practicality and comfort!

July 19, 2022 — Mark Howorth