A solid, reliable option, the divan bed base has been a classic in British bedrooms for years. But what exactly is a divan bed? How is it different from other beds? And is it the right kind of bed for you? Read on to find out!

What is a divan bed?

To put it simply, a divan bed is a wooden box frame, upholstered in fabric. This box usually comes in two parts which join together to create the base of the bed. All of our divan beds come with additional divan storage options, like side drawers, to reduce clutter in your bedroom.

Divan beds can come in all sizes, single, small double, double, king, and super king options available.

Dorset Divan Base and Headboard | BedHut

What are the benefits of a divan bed?

There is a great deal of reasons why you might opt for a divan bed over the alternatives, here are just a few of our favourites.

Extra storage space

Many divan beds (and all of the ones we sell) are available with additional storage options. This includes side drawers, and drawers, and ottoman storage options too.

Adding side drawers to your bed is the perfect way to help keep your bedroom clutter-free, as they offer an excellent storage solution for clothes, bedding, electronics, and anything else that would otherwise be left lying around on the floor.

For a stylish and practical storage divan base with drawers, check out our luxurious Melton Divan Base and Headboard (shown below). With a soft and sophisticated upholstered look, combine with ample underbed storage, this divan bed is perfect for the distinguished sleeper!

Melton Divan Base and Headboard | BedHut

 A storage divan base is also an excellent option for a kid’s room, as the extra storage for toys can help stop their play area from becoming a bombsite and can teach them to put away their things from an early age.

Opting for ottoman storage is also an excellent option for those who do not have a lot of room on either side of their bed, or who want to maximise storage by utilising all the room underneath the bed. Perfect for storing out of season clothes, bedsheets, and even larger items like coats and storage boxes.

Quick and easy assembly

If you require a bed that needs minimal assembly, a divan bed is the choice for you.

Most divan beds come in two main units which combine to create the base of the bed. These complete boxes are much easier to manoeuvre and combine than other beds are to build from a long list of small parts and screws. Some divan beds can even be made within minutes.

Delvizes Divan Base and Headboard | BedHut

Our double, king, and super king divan beds each come with just two units that are easily joined together using the clips provided. After that, you’re all set for a great nights’ sleep!

Compact and carefree

Most divan beds are built to be only as big as the mattress you’ll be putting on it, meaning they take up minimal floorspace in your bedroom.

The compact nature of the divan bed makes it perfect for smaller bedrooms, or in rooms where space is at a premium. They are also an excellent choice for more minimal bedroom styles, where empty, clean space is all part of the room’s aesthetic.

Bexley Divan Base and Headboard | BedHut

Easily customisable

It’s quick, easy, and affordable to attach a beautiful, luxurious headboard to a divan bed thanks to its modular nature. This allows you to turn a practical storage bed into a stunning bedroom centrepiece and make your bedroom a place of comfort.

Divan bed bases usually come in one solid block of colour. This means that it is incredibly easy to incorporate them into a consistent bedroom theme, as there is no unique design or pattern that can clash with decorations or other pieces of furniture.

Try our Helens Divan Base and Headboard (shown below) for a contemporary design and a wide selection of colours to go with any décor style.

Helens Divan Base and Headboard | BedHut

Where can I buy a divan bed?

So, you’ve read our guide and you’re convinced! A divan bed is right for you. Have a browse of our stylish and affordable divan beds. Why not take a look at our mattress buying guide to find the perfect mattress for your new bed?

October 12, 2022 — Mark Howorth
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