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An introduction to minimalism

Minimalism, the idea that less is more, originated around the 1950s in New York as artists and designers began to reject the excess and extravagance of the past, and embrace a simpler, more deliberate approach. Focusing on less clutter and more emphasis on clarity, with deliberate placement and design, the movement has expanded into a global phenomenon, encompassing everything from lifestyle, finance, and interior design.

Minimalist design

Serving as a rejection of excess and compulsive consumerism, minimalism urges people to focus on what's important, and remove everything else standing in-between. This means removing items from the home that serve only as a distraction from what's important, and focusing only on things that are useful, or that give you pleasure.

A minimalist bedroom is stripped down to its core functions, using limited materials to realise this function. There is an emphasis on neutral colours and clear lines so as not to distract from this purpose. Ornamentation and decoration is permitted and encouraged, but not to the excess - decorations shouldn't serve to distract, but to enhance the feel of the room (e.g. bright lights should be used in rooms with lots of natural lighting in order to enhance the brightness of the room).

Grey Bedroom

Modern Minimalism

in the decades after its conception, minimalism grew into a worldwide phenomenon, with people freeing themselves of unwanted distractions, reducing the amount they bought and consumed, and re-decorating their homes accordingly. Unfortunately, it's easy to get carried away, and many began to criticise the movement, as it tended to leave homes devoid of colour and decoration in the name of function and simplicity.

In recent years, minimalism has evolved to accommodate mankind's desire to decorate! Modern minimalist bedrooms feature injections of colour and warmth, embracing decoration as a deliberate choice, rather than a needless distraction.

De-clutter your space

To begin creating a minimalist bedroom, you must first remove things that interfere with this purpose. Go through every belonging, decoration, and piece of furniture in your room and ask yourself "is this useful?" If the answer is no, ask yourself "does it bring me pleasure?" If the answer is also no, either bin it, donate it, or recycle it. If the answer to either of those questions is yes, the item belongs in your room.

This process forces you to make clear, deliberate decisions about what is necessary for your bedroom, ensuring that everything in it has a reason for being there. Asking these questions of yourself also helps you understand your own wants and needs better, and drastically reduces clutter to boot!

Florence Metal Platform Bed | BedHut

Revitalise your furniture

Now that you've gone through all your items and reduced clutter, it's time to rethink the look of your room. New furniture with clear lines and warm colours would suit the modern minimalist look perfectly.

The colour palette

The classic minimalist colour palette is white with black accents, but this has diversified with the rise of modern minimalism. Now, neutral earthy tones and pastels are a more comfortable and cosy way of simplification, without sacrificing clarity and intent.

Wooden furniture is always a classic for the bedroom, suiting almost any style, and minimalism is no different! The earthy, natural colours of wooden furniture can blend with any pastel or white shades, creating a soft, warm atmosphere that feels homely without clutter.

The perfect bed

Wooden beds are extremely popular in modern minimalist bedrooms, especially beds that are raised above the ground on slim, wooden legs. This is due to the fact that they have clear lines, simple silhouettes, and the legs are often a neutral earthy tone.

Salerno Shaker Bed | BedHut

The Salerno Shaker Bed is well suited to a minimalist bedroom, with a sturdy wooden frame and strong silhouette, this bed stands out while still remaining simplistic in its design.

Consistency is key

The main ingredient to a stunning minimalist bedroom is a consistent theme, in colour, design, and atmosphere. This means that the lines remain clear in every aspect, the colours are similar and complimentary to each other, and the lighting suits the natural lighting of the room.

Handy storage

If you want a minimalist bedroom design, but don't fancy throwing away all your material possessions, we have the bed for you! A practical and discrete ottoman storage bed can keep your room clutter-free, without the need to bin all your stuff!

The Malmo Ottoman Storage Bed suits the minimalist bedroom perfectly with a natural wooden frame, clear lines, and spacious underbed storage.

Malmo Ottoman Bed - Oak | BedHut

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September 28, 2022 — Mark Howorth